The meaning of selective sharing includes a function that can be shared with

   third parties (individuals, institutions, etc.) through the consent of data providers 

   This includes three contents: "Share with a third party designated by an individual, 

   prepare for sharing personal data, and transmit personal data."

- Let's look at the image together, and you will see the card list at the top first.

   CANDiY will express the data linked to apps by a user in cards by subject. 

   This will make it easy for service users to distinguish the contents by

   grouping various information by topic.

- If the app user clicks on one card, the details will be listed and expressed next to 

  the card. Users simply click on the data they want to share.

- After tab on the card, simply select the institution you want to share in the middle 

  section, and touch the sharing button after setting the period, and the sharing will be 

  easily completed.

-  Finally, on the screen now, users designed it by expressing colorful colors, cuteness, 

   and retro feeling, no hard sense. How does it feel when you look at it?

- This is a MyData sharing screen that 

   introduces a motion function. 

   The circle size of each item represents the

   number of platforms in which user data is

   shared at this point.

If users touch the circle, users can check the 

  number of shared data companies.

  When withdrawing sharing, it can be used in

  a motion to push the icon out of the screen.

Images will be implementable in various 


- Finally, in the screening sharing section, we

  tried to visually express the size of data that is 

  difficult to measure with our eyes. We will add 

  constant efforts to apply various ideas