- First, items presented in the form of cards will come into view. The configuration 

  form may vary by the number of things, but it can be seen that the information 

  listing form is implemented horizontally, not in the upper-lower order.

  This is an example of reflecting the concept of 'data democracy', which is part of the 

  concept of MyData, and the visual recognition process mentioned on the screening

  sharing screen.

- There is a word called 'Primacy effect' among the psychological terms. It refers to 

   the best remembering the first word or information presented when several words 

   or information are presented. It is a phenomenon in which multiple words or 

   information are better remembered than those initially shown when given and

   can be explained in the serial position effect.

This content will result in a violation of the concept of MyData. After all, users 

  recognize visually exposed information first and unconsciously realize that the data

  is essential. Accordingly, in the case of the screen presented above, it is 

  comprehensively implemented that the composition of the data is visually balanced 

  to equalize users' information perception and influence the process of choice.

- Next, when selecting an item, details are implemented in the subsection. This form 

   provides users with the right to selectively check the information they want. 

   In addition, the information provided through screen background color classification

   can be separated and recognized, and users can intuitively recognize that "the 

   consent includes marketing and additional informed consent.“

- Finally, the inquiry button at the bottom was also visually implemented to enhance 

  the user's understanding by marking color classification and inquiry on the button 

  in parallel.

- This is an example screen of the data usage 

  history management receipt.

- Items are presented in the upper-lower order 

  according to the information priority. 

  The consent receipt ID, which is difficult for 

   users to understand, is implemented 

   as a background screen.

Receipt details can be organized according 

  to corporate characteristics and produced 

  differently for each receipt category.

CANDiY focused on "easy and light" rather 

   than implementing all the problematic 

   information when designing the 

   "management" section. 

   Therefore, we made it into an easy form of 

   expression image.