- The consent screen is the first page where users meet to use MyData service.

   We have been looking at a form full of small letters and legal terms on the consent

   screen that we have seen so far.

- Let's look at the beside image screen together. We have seen numerous consent 

   screens so far, including essential and optional consent. 

   The screen now is mandatory, and one screen of selection consent is divided into 

   tabs. Do you remember the net for "Agreed" so far? You may not have been able to 

   understand the exact details by looking at the endless checkboxes on one screen 

   so far.

   CANDiY has implemented it to understand precisely where user is now by dividing 

   the consent screen into tabs and dividing the color of the button.

- In addition, an order icon will be shown for each item. It is implemented in a form 

   that is easy to understand by displaying the order in the form of icons, 

   not just numbers.

   The current terms and conditions are exemplary, and this form can be expressed in 

    various ways such as 'Easy version, Kids version.'